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About us

Think. Innovate. Disrupt.

About Pivotal

Ahead since 2012

The Pivotal Group was founded by Paul Hutton, Joel Stransky and Bruce Arnold. Our entrepreneurial team was later joined by Lisa Maino. Launched in 2012, Pivotal pioneered voice biometrics in the financial and telecommunications market. Over time, the company has grown to include nine divisions across multiple sectors.

The name Pivotal speaks to our role at the centre of the action, and at the heart of things. Our success is largely due to our partnership approach: we work closely with our clients, providing insights that drive business forward. We are curious, inquisitive, and interested.

One Group with specialist divisions

The Pivotal Group implements disruptive technology solutions. That may mean taking existing systems and reimagining them or creating new products, tools and services, which add business value to our clients. We are an organisation of experts. Our combined and complementary knowledge has resulted in game-changing innovation.

Our shared-services model ensures that resources such as finance, legal and IT can be leveraged across the group. The result is a better integrated, more agile business.

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