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Disruptive Mindsets

When Paul Hutton, Joel Stransky and Bruce Arnold launched Pivotal Group in 2012, they did so with a wealth of experience and business relationships on their side. But it was still a start-up. Here’s how they’ve built what they believe to be the foundations of a successful business in five years. View full article


Joel Stransky Shares His Insights On What Makes A Great Leader

Enter Joel Stransky just as friendly as the rest of the team, also casually dressed, also wearing a smile. As a founding director of the innovative Pivotal Group, he explained that their value proposition particularly in Pivotal Talent.


CEOwise interviews Pivotal Group co-founder, Joel Stransky

Dan Newman from interviews Pivotal Group co-founder, Joel Stransky.


CNBC Africa interviews OneVault CEO Paul Hutton

South Africa Fraud Prevention Services and OneVault launches shared imposter voicebank.


SAFPS and OneVault launches imposter voice bank

SAFPS is partnering with South Africa’s leading voice biometric authentication solutions provider OneVault, to launch a highly innovative shared imposter voicebank.

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